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An instant approval ad network

I recommend propeller ads to any or all advertisers who want to advertise their websites, blogs, or products. I also recommend it to all the publishers to monetize their blogs and websites. It’s one in all the simplest Adsense alternatives. It is an instant approval ad network, which instantly accepts blogs with little traffic.

However, to really earn from this ad network, you need to get a large amount of high-quality traffic.

You may be teaching digital marketing to others. Or you may well be a WordPress expert who helps people develop their blogs. You may be a blogger who gets a handful of visitors.

Help folks that approach you for guidance to learn about propeller ads and its referral program.

Since it’s an instant approval ad network your clients can monetize their blog even if they get a handful of visitors.

Recommend propeller ads to all bloggers who want to monetize their blogs. You yourself get 5 percent of the profit each referred blogger earns through his/her blog.

If you signup using my referral link, then I shall be getting a commission:
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Benefits of using Propeller ads

Using propeller ads, one of the best Adsense alternatives to monetize your blogs and websites has many benefits:

(1)There are not any minimum traffic requirements within the case of propeller ads. Hence propeller ads are absolutely suitable for bloggers with a handful of visitors. But remember; earning potential increases with the quality and quantity of traffic that your blog gets. This depends on various factors, like how you’ve got done your SEO, responsive website, content quality of your blog, etc.

The propeller ads optimization algorithm attempts to leverage your eCPM rate. It’ll analyze which type of ads are for your audience.

Thus, the most effective ads combined together with your amazing content are going to be an attempt to supply your blog readers with an incredible experience.

To induce optimal experience by using propeller ads, it’s necessary to drive high-quality traffic to your website through digital marketing.

Thus, the simplest quite ads combined together with your amazing content are an effort to supply your blog readers with an incredible experience. so as to induce optimal experience by using propeller ads, it’s necessary to drive high-quality traffic to your website by using SEO, PPC, social media marketing, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, email marketing.

Propeller ads payment models

Let me enumerate the various payment models employed by propeller ads, one of the simplest AdSense alternatives:

(a)CPA(cost per action): Action is often anything like filling up a form, giving your email, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. If an advertiser pays $1 anytime someone subscribes to his/ her newsletter via their advertisement, then the cost per action is $1.

(b)CPC(cost per click): Here the advertiser pays you if you click on their advertisement. for e.g. if they need to set their CPC to $0.001, they’re going to be charged $0.001 every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

(c)CPM(cost per thousand impressions): The advertiser pays a definite amount per 1 thousand impressions of their advertisement.

(d)Effective cost per mille: eCPM is that the amount/revenue you may earn as a publisher per 1000 impressions of your ad units.

How to enable propeller ads on your blog

In order to start showing ads on my blog using the propeller ads,one of the instant approval Adsense alternatives I did the following:

Develop a WordPress blog

a. I created a WordPress blog website .

I suggest you learn WordPress development first and then join an online course to learn blogging and digital marketing.

b.I created around 20 blog posts and published them on my blog website(I have chosen digital marketing niche; Eduonix will guide you in choosing a blog niche, writing blog posts, monetizing them using affiliate links and ad networks.

Have an independent domain

Since propeller ads are an instant approval ad network, it will instantly accept your blog website, provided it has around 20-30 blogposts of around 1600 words which are keyword optimized.

But for propeller ads to accept your website, you need to have an independent domain; propeller ads don’t accept website with and

Once you purchase a domain(related to your niche), you can get better rankings for keywords in your niche.)

Signup as a publisher

c.You then need to signup as a publisher, add your website and verify it. (You can add as many websites as you want)

Once you verify your website,you will get something like this:

adsense alternatives

Add zones

d.You can then click on Add zone.

Create a tag by selecting one of the ad format.

If you click on the Interstitial ad/In-Page Push ad format, you shall get the following, since you are new:

adsense alternatives

e.I shall select ONclick/Popunder ad format to create a tag

adsense alternatives
adsense alternatives
adsense alternatives

f. Once you create the tag, login into your WordPress admin account, Go to plugins->add a new plugin. Install the Propellerads plugin. (which i have already installed).

adsense alternatives
adsense alternatives

Installation of Propeller ads plugin in WordPress backend

g.After installation of the Propellerads plugin, you can click on Connect to PropellerAds SSP.

adsense alternatives

h.After you connect to PropellerAds SSP,you get the following screen:

propeller ads

Click once on the update zones list. You shall get the following message:
The cache was removed. Synchronization of new zones may process sometime. Please, repeat this action in 10 minutes. Thank you.

i.Select the newly created tag from the list of zones list.Click Allow Ads on all pages.Save changes.After this,ads will be visible on your blog website.

propeller ads
propeller ads

Now let me tell you one very important point: If traffic is very less, earnings will also be very less. Yes, even though your new blog website has been instantly approved by Propeller ads; if traffic is very less, earnings will also be very less. Get more high-quality traffic so that you earn a considerable amount from Propeller ads. To make a substantial amount of profit, I advise you to do the following:

1. Sign up for multiple ad networks.

2. Focus on increasing traffic. Eduonix online course will teach you how to effectively do digital marketing to get high-quality traffic.

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