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Hi, I am a blogger and a digital marketer and my main purpose behind publishing this blog is to make people aware of how they can earn through blogging and google digital marketing.

You can earn through blogging and google digital marketing in the following ways:

1.You can write blog comprising of atleast 30 articles;as soon as you start getting atleast 100

visitors to your website everyday,you can monetize it using ad networks.

2.You can write affiliate blogs and do affiliate marketing.In affiliate marketing you need to

Promote third party products by writing affiliate blog posts and making use of relevant keywords.As soon as you make a sale, you get a commission.In order to

generate many sales to earn a decent amount as commission,you need to drive traffic to

your website for which you need to do SEO,SMM,PPC,email marketing.The more no. of people who make a purchase using your affiliate link,the more commission you get.

3.You can write blogs, email content, and do referral marketing. Say, there is a digital marketing company and you bring a project worth 50000 rupees for the company, then you get 5% of 50000 as commission. In order to do referral marketing properly, you need to write blog posts containing your referral link and then you need to promote these blog posts; for which you need to google digital marketing. The more number of projects you get, the more amount you earn as a commission.

You can do the following courses for learning all kinds of promotional tactics:

Google Digital Marketing Course

You can then develop a blog site in WordPress. Use the promotional tactics which you have mastered to earn money from your blog. You may read the following blog posts:

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Start your blogging journey right now! All the best