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Before elaborating on how our google digital marketing course can help,let me tell in brief about referral marketing and affiliate marketing.

What is referral marketing?

In referral marketing, we refer a client to a company. The company will pay a commission for each client you refer to. The more number of clients you refer to the more amount of commission you get. There are different referral programs with different strategies. I have joined 2 referral programs:

1. I refer a client to a digital marketing company and for each client, I refer to I get a commission.

2. I have joined the referral program of propeller ads(a kind of ad network which I have used to monetize my blog). Say I tell about this referral program to one publisher. The publisher joins propeller ads through my referral link. Then I shall get 5% of the amount earned by the publisher for displaying various propeller ads on his blog.

Or say I have one friend x(who is neither a publisher nor an advertiser), and I tell about my referral program to this friend x. Friend x joins the referral program through my referral link. Then my friend x tells about this ad network to 5 persons who have a blog of their own. These five people join propeller ads through my friend x’s referral link; my friend earns 5 percent of the amount earned by each publisher from propeller ads, and I earn 5 % of the total amount earned by my friend.

Referral marketing, may or may not comprise of referral links. In order to earn from the referral program, it is necessary to bring your referral link in front of the right target audience.

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you promote third party products and earn a certain commission once a sale is made.
Once someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product then you earn a commission.

In both referral marketing and affiliate marketing, the more number of clients you get, the more amount of commission you earn. So, for doing referral marketing/affiliate marketing effectively, two things are of prime importance.
(a)Referring to a large number of prospective clients to increase your chances to earn a decent commission.
(b)How to get these large number of clients

Right now you are reading this article and this article has reached your eyes(you are one of our targeted prospective clients) because of the promotional techniques I have used.

Who is the target audience?

Note that the target audience for a particular company with an affiliate program/referral program comprises of 2 people:

(a)To whom the services/products provided by the company will prove to be useful.

(b)People who are interested in joining the affiliate program/referral program of the company and will promote the company’s products to earn a commission.

Learn from our google digital marketing course

A proper google digital marketing course will teach you how to generate high-quality traffic so that you rank high in SERPs.

To effectively promote your referral link/affiliate link in front of the right people, join our google digital marketing course. Do a 1-year internship wherein you can learn to write blog posts to promote your referral links/affiliate links. We shall support you until you begin to earn money from your blog. The course is in online mode.

What will you learn in our google digital marketing course

Our online course will teach you the promotional tactics to get qualified leads.

Our online google digital marketing course will teach you how to use on-page SEO,off-page SEO, SMM, PPC,email marketing, SMS marketing, Whatsapp marketing, affiliate marketing, and referral marketing to reach a large target audience.

If you want to become an affiliate of such companies with an affiliate program,then you need to learn the following:

(i)How to attract a large target audience to drive more sales.

(ii)Say, you have started an affiliate blog then you can monetize the affiliate blog by using multiple ad networks. We will teach you how to do that.

(iii)Companies(of specific niches) who start their own affiliate program/referral program will tend to get more sales compared to the companies which don’t..

To those who are planning to start a company/or start-up companies which aren’t getting projects, I shall suggest starting an affiliate program and promoting it effectively and we shall help you in learning this.

(iv)The affiliate can start his/her own digital marketing course to teach how to do affiliate marketing, referral marketing effectively to others

The affiliate who has created his own digital marketing course can start his affiliate program.We shall teach you this.

When you are starting an affiliate program/referral program or teaching people about affiliate marketing and referral marketing, you have to remember that you need to have proof of your previous experience in affiliate marketing/referral marketing.

Tell people about how much you have earned through affiliate marketing/referral marketing. Tell about which digital marketing techniques you implemented to get high-quality traffic. This will help you to get more people for purchasing your course(either through your blog or through affiliates/referrals)

What is a blog?learn from our google digital marketing course

Before starting with affiliate marketing/referral marketing, it is necessary to understand what is a blog. You may also read my article on “how to make money blogging“.

Firstly, you need to find your niche and write down articles of 1000 to 2000 words to constitute a blog. Then to do affiliate marketing/referral marketing you have to tie up with companies that sell products related to your niche.

You can write an article elaborating on product functionality and the benefits of using the product. Then at the end of the article, put your affiliate link created by the company for you. If people click on this link and buy the product from the company, then you will get a commission.

Another way to do affiliate marketing is just to write an article on a particular topic e.g. I am writing an article on affiliate marketing. So I can mention affiliate links to sell online courses on affiliate marketing by a particular training institute. Whereas in referral marketing the company may or may not provide you with a referral link. In case the company does provide you with a referral link, then the best way to promote such referral links is:

  • blog posts that contain the referral link,
  • personalized emails that contain the referral link,
  • WhatsApp posts,
  • Messenger posts that contain the referral link.

Blog monetization

Remember that at times, people may just read your articles and not buy anything from you. So, you can monetize your blog with ad networks that have no minimum traffic requirements.

Propellerads is one such ad network. As your traffic grows to a minimum of 100 visitors per day, you can then sign up for Google Adsense. Yes, with a gradual increase in traffic to your website, you can monetize your websites with multiple ad networks.

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