Choosing a google digital marketing course

Why join google’s digital marketing course?

Living in today’s world, I personally feel every person should do a google digital marketing course. Digital marketing can help accelerate the growth of any person’s career.

It is mandatory for any business to have a company website. It has also become mandatory to promote the company’s products through online marketing and online advertising; so that the company is able to create a strong presence online.

Maybe are a businessman who wants to learn digital marketing to promote your company’s products.Or you are a housewife who wants to learn digital marketing so that you can start a cookery blog.

It is necessary that you know certain things before you join any google digital marketing course.

Know Beforehand

->Reviews of digital marketing institute

Try to go through the reviews of the previous batch students. If the institute has got positive reviews; it is well and good. It would still be excellent if you personally go and meet a previous batch student. Ask that student whether he/she has grasped all the digital marketing concepts. Whether the faculty clarified all the doubts of the student to make the student an excellent digital marketer.

->Join an internship program

Best to check whether the digital marketing course offers a 1-year internship. Don’t worry, believe me, a 1-year internship won’t be a waste of time. Tell the digital marketing faculty that you want to write articles comprising a blog in a particular niche. You can then write articles focused around relevant keywords. Tell the faculty to assist you in learning tools to check/ensure that your blog is made up of high-quality original articles.

See to it that the faculty assists you in:

  • developing an effective keyword strategy,
  • SEO,
  • Assists you to optimize your articles for voice search,
  • helps you to create unique articles,
  • assists you in creating backlinks and internal links for your blog so that you are able to get at least a minimum of 100 visitors a day and you are able to keep your visitors engaged with your blog.
  • If the faculty helps you in doing all this, then only you will become eligible for google Adsense. Tell the faculty to assist you in signing up for Google Adsense and monetizing your blog.

Work very hard enough during this 1 year internship period to create interesting articles that will keep visitors engaged. Do not forget to put share buttons in your blog so that visitors are able to share your blog which will ensure you get more traffic. When you are able to drive in high-quality traffic to your blog, then only you will be able to earn monetary benefits through ad networks and other monetization methods.

Please do read my article on how to make money blogging .

->Develop a WordPress blog site

See to it that during this one year internship period, you are able to set up your blog on a WordPress website.

A WordPress website is mandatory for blogging because of the following reasons:

a. A WordPress website looks professional and is responsive(mobile-friendly pages). The no. of mobile searches is increasing day by day.WordPress makes the process of making responsive websites easy.

b. It is easy to add security to a WordPress website.

c.WordPress website can be made to load in less than 3 seconds.

d. There are thousands of plugins and themes available which you can install in WordPress.WordPress also supports customization.

I have mentioned WordPress courses in my article master wordpress development which you can join to master wordpress development.

Last Words

See to it that the digital marketing institute assists you in creating infographics for your blog which you are able to promote across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It would be excellent if you learn adobe photoshop and CorelDraw from the institute.

See to it that faculty helps you in promoting your blog through Google Adwords(PPC). Of course, you will have to invest a little bit of extra money if you wish to learn PPC, in addition to the fees of the google digital marketing course.

Last and most important point: you need to be an expert in written communications and have an innovative creative mind for designing infographics to be posted across social media platforms. You need to have a strong foundation in marketing tactics.

Google digital marketing course is mostly for people who have already established their expertise in traditional marketing or for those housewives with a creative bent of mind, good in written communications.

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