How to Make Money from Blogging

Are you capable enough to start a blog

Saying that you want to start a blog is very easy. But you are going to doubt its income potential if you lack sound knowledge of a particular niche. Blogging is not a career path or trajectory to base your expectations upon. You need to fulfill certain criteria if you want to learn “how to make money from blogging”.

But remember that blogging is a passive source of income that is it will generate income over time, not overnight.

Don’t expect a blog to make you stinking rich immediately if you are:

1.You lack profound knowledge of a particular niche.

2.You lack proper digital marketing skills crucial for generating high-quality traffic to your blog.

3.You are focusing on multiple niches at one time.

4.You lack knowledge of WordPress and technically setting up a blog.

5.You do not have proper communication skills to elaborate on a topic and lack the art of presenting an idea.

6.You compose a blog that ends up generating very little to zero target audience.

Become an adept at ‘how to make money from blogging

Implement certain tactics that will attract high-quality traffic towards your blog so that you can overcome the above hurdles.

Attracting the right target audience is your first step towards “how to make money from blogging“.

Here we go:

a.Diploma in creative writing

Get your diploma in creative writing from a reputed institute which has garnered positive reviews.

You will probably have to have a specialization/masters’ degree to become adept at writing blog articles in a particular niche.

Remember that no one is seasoned in the beginning and practice makes a man perfect.

Focus on your communication skills; specially written communications if you want to produce quality content.

Communicating an idea in the proper manner garners positive reviews and attracts the right audience.

b.Choose a proper niche

Focus on choosing a niche that interests you.

Your interest in a particular niche may be because of your curiosity to find something new related to your niche; such that new directions for research and new avenues might suggest themselves in front of you.

Or your interest in a particular niche might be because of its potential to generate a good income.

You need good presentation skills combined with an innovative mind because you need to impress your audience.

You should be able to cover up the blog article topic with high preciseness and accuracy.

c. Work on making your blog popular

->Brush up your digital marketing skills
Sharpen your digital marketing skills to attract the right target audience for your blog.

Digital marketing comprises of SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and email marketing.

I am talking about White Hat SEO because if you use black hat SEO, ad networks won’t approve your blog. Google will penalize your blog resulting in lower rankings in the SERPs.

->Keyword Strategy
Design an appropriate keyword strategy for your blog. Run PPC campaigns using high-intent keywords. The keywords which are chosen should have high search volume and low competition.

->Leverage your reach across social media
Join the right kind of Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and Quora Communities.

It is important to use the right hashtags across various social media platforms so that they are discovered by the right people.

To promote a digital marketing blog, you will have to join digital marketing groups across various social media platforms because your aim is to attract digital marketing professionals and aspirants.

Use Twitter hashtags focused around digital marketing so that your twitter posts are discovered by the right people.

Try to follow as many people related to digital marketing so that they follow you back on Twitter because this will help in building a good twitter community.

Design infographics for your blog and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Visual content is more appealing to people because the human brain processes visual content faster compared to text content.

Pinterest is a great platform to generate quality traffic because you can save your infographics by making pins to the appropriate boards.

You need to provide proper image attribution because not attributing can cause image plagiarism and copyright issues.

->Guest Posting
You have to write guest posts for websites that have a high DA and high PR because acquiring low-quality backlinks will cause lower SERP rankings.

Getting high-quality traffic is the first step towards how to make money blogging because low traffic will result in negligible earnings.

->WordPress Expertise
Focus on achieving proficiency in WordPress because the quality of the website matters in getting ad networks’ approval and getting approved for publishing sponsored posts.

After getting ad networks’ approval place ads to start earning because a high-quality website attracts good levels of traffic that will help you to earn from ad networks.

->Blogging takes time
If you focus on acquiring profound knowledge to produce quality content then you will surely be able to unleash the writers’ potential within you.

If you want money right now then I would rather suggest you to get yourself a full-time job.

Initially, your earnings from your blog will either be very less or inconsistent. Earnings from a blog improve over the passage of time.

Initially, your blog will be a passive source of income; then as your research technique improves and you are able to produce plagiarism-free high-quality content and cover up the topic by focusing on a proper keyword strategy, which will attract your target audience, it will become an active income source.

There are tools to make your article plagiarism free. I would suggest you use a plagiarism checker because duplicate content can cause Google to penalize your site.

How to make money from blogging?

Now we will address the main topic of the blog post i.e. how to make money from blogging.

There are many ways to earn from your blog:
->Affiliate links
->Google AdSense
->Alternative ad networks and
->sponsored posts

You will have to focus on customizing your digital marketing strategy as per your content; so that you are able to earn through your blog by using the above-mentioned monetization methods.

->Contextual ads and ad networks

Based on the type of content produced by you, the ad networks are able to speculate about the kind of audience which your blog will attract and what kind of ads are to be shown to your audience(contextual ads) so that they click on the ads out of genuine interest and are genuinely interested in the products of the advertisers.

In fact, Ad networks make use of sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to determine when to display CPC(cost per click) ads and when to display CPM (cost per impression)ads to the audience which will be going through your blog content.

Remember to keep your blog away from illegal ad clicks, because ad networks can determine such clicks using AI technology and you will get banned.

->Write affiliate blogs

You can also write product reviews (affiliate blogs ) and then monetize your affiliate blog with affiliate links. Once a prospective client clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase; you earn a certain amount as commission.

Attracting the right target audience with proper usage of high intent keywords is crucial because it will increase the chances of people purchasing the product through your affiliate link.

->Use high-intent keywords

I suggest you learn digital marketing from a reputed digital marketing training institute because you shall learn how to make proper usage of high-intent keywords for running PPC ads and ads across social media platforms.

->Sponsored Posts

You can also write sponsored posts or paid reviews for a particular company’s website. Obviously, you will have to produce quality content to attract sponsors.

What sponsors will look in your blog? Simple whether your blog attracts high-quality traffic because the company’s intention is to create brand awareness and improve business visibility.

Initially, it is better you write sponsored posts for small companies. Once you get a good traffic, you will get work from larger companies. But remember one most important thing while going for sponsored posts: Do not publish those sponsored posts on your blog for which you will have to compromise with your rankings. Choose your brands wisely and reject publishing those sponsored posts which do not meet your criteria. You may read the following article: How to make money with a blog sponsored post

But remember one most important thing while going for sponsored posts: Do not publish those sponsored posts on your blog for which you will have to compromise with your rankings. Choose your brands wisely and reject publishing those sponsored posts which do not meet your criteria.

Emphasize on content quality

->Write high-quality original content

Focus on writing high-quality original articles with 1000 to 2000 words after having done proper research.

Your research should be able to cover up an article in more than 1000 words. Google loves fresh, original content.

Read my articles on avoiding plagiarism.

Join a good content writing training institute .

->Build your image in-front of search engines

The more emphasis you give towards collecting as much information as possible regarding a specific topic, the more relevant you appear to the search engines.

->A great way to increase blog earnings

Another reason for writing blog articles in more than 1000 words is that once you attract the right amount of traffic you will be able to place/distribute more ads across your article. The greater the content, the more number of ads you will be able to place across your blog. Hence you will rightly accomplish your aim of ‘how to make money from blogging‘.

Also, precise and accurate content will generate greater engagement and hence lesser the bounce rate. Google will take this into consideration and your blog will rank higher in the Google SERPs and appear more credible to others.

Optimize for voice search

Consider using long-tail keywords in your blog, for the purpose of optimizing your blog for voice search.

Remember to use relevant keywords in your content so that you attract the right audience for your blog and thereby help towards achieving your main aim of how to make money blogging.

Why are some people banned by ad networks

If you need to accomplish your aim of “how to make money from blogging“.

->Avoid thin content

The most important point, you need to write quality content that attracts the right target audience in high amounts because only then can you sign up for Google AdSense and alternative ad networks.

Yes, it is possible to monetize your blog with multiple ad networks but remember not to have thin content for your blog post.

->Avoid illegal clicks

But once your website is approved by ad networks; there are some common mistakes which the publishers can make in an attempt to earn money through the displayed ads:

a. They themselves start clicking on the ads in an attempt to earn extra money from the displayed ads.

b.They participate in auto-surf or traffic exchange programs.

Recently only, I got approved by Facebook groups. In the group, I came across a post that read “Drop your blog link in the comment section. I will visit your blog and you visit my blog through the following” Please do not participate in such kind of programs.

Google and other ad networks have sophisticated AI(artificial intelligence) technologies to determine such illegal clicks.

Avoid clicking on your ads at any cost in an attempt to earn money because you will get banned by Google and other ad networks.

Remember that quality content is the key to attracting high-quality traffic.

A great idea is of no use without proper communication skills

->Language proficiency and idea presentation skill

Getting an idea is of no use if you cannot effectively communicate it to the masses.

Remember that content is king and for your digital marketing techniques to work you need to have quality content in your pocket.

Focus on producing useful, actionable, informative content.

When people find your blog post useful, the chances of them reading your article until the end is high; and then your blog post will generate great user engagement.

->Prove yourself in your niche

Say, I am a web developer who wants to start a web development tutorial which will give me a chance to prove my teaching prowess.

Here comes into play your communication skills and art of presenting things effectively.

Here the right words in your content will help you to showcase your web development knowledge effectively.

In order to develop a great content piece for a web development tutorial, I would obviously have to do diligent research.

Then you will have to think about effectively communicating your software functionality and benefits of using your software.

Here effective communication would involve a precise balance of wordplay, grammar, vocabulary, editing, rewording using. Use plagiarism checkers to validate your document for plagiarism.

Become adept at technical writing so that you communicate everything to the point.

In addition to developing web development tutorials, you can also undertake freelancing projects, part-time or full-time.

->Get the necessary education and training

Get your masters’ degree in a specific niche. In addition, a diploma in creative writing offers a valuable credential for people who want to write blogs.

This will help you to develop an analytical bent of mind crucial for technical writing and a writing style that echoes well with the thoughts of your target audience so that you become successful in your aim of ‘how to make money from blogging‘.

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