Earn from home through digital marketing

Learn and earn at home

You can utilize digital marketing properly to earn a six-figure salary by sitting at home. For that purpose, you will first have to learn digital marketing by joining an online digital marketing course.

Once you have written articles for your blog, then you can buy a domain and host your blog. See that the digital marketing course which you join supports you till you begin to earn money from your blog.

Initially, traffic for your website will be less. So you won’t be able to earn through Google Adsense because you need a minimum of 100 visitors/day to earn through Google Adsense.

So you will have to consider monetizing your content with Adsense alternatives that have no minimum traffic requirements and will accept a new website with a handful of visitors. One such best Adsense alternative is Propeller ads. Read my article “Adsense alternatives” which talks about Propeller ads.

Drive quality traffic to your blog

I would recommend https://plagiarismdetector.net/ to check plagiarism(duplicate content issues).

To increase the earning potential of a blog, you will have to drive high-quality traffic to your blog. You will have to do proper SEO of your blog to improve upon the organic traffic. Create backlinks for your blog, do social bookmarking, and pay proper attention to on-page SEO.

You can also consider paid advertising your blogs.

Social post makers are available which you can use to create posts to do social media optimization of your blog. Create attractive posts using these tools and then post your blog link along with these posts on social media websites.

You can add functionality to collect emails of people who visit your blog website. When you write an article, create emails with links to this article and mail it to your email subscribers.

Once you master digital marketing by implementing it on your blog, then start undertaking freelance digital marketing projects.

To begin with digital marketing, I suggest you join an online course.

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