Leveraging App Store Optimization

With mobile searches, increasing day by day, it has become essential for every business to leverage its promotion efforts for mobile users. Hence, many businesses that have a website also prefer to have an app in their endeavor to achieve optimal business visibility. You need to do app store optimization to leverage your app promotion.

Why app store optimization?

Just having an app is not enough.

You have to promote the app to obtain high-quality traffic.

App store optimization is done with the intention of making your app rank higher in the app store.

App store optimization also directs right audience to your app.

In order for a business to flourish, it is necessary to get high-quality traffic.

Here comes into play app-store optimization. When you optimize your app for specific keyword phrases, your app will only get optimized only for right audience.

The main benefit of optimizing apps for the app store is obviously money. Once high-quality traffic begins to flow in, you can then monetize your app through various ad networks. Also, you can make the app shareable through WhatsApp and on social media platforms. Also mention mentioning your website in the app.

Competitor analysis

Making new clients, test your app, and making competitor’s clients try your app. Attempt downloading your competitor’s app by using different keyword phrases. You can then use these keyword phrases in the title and app description to optimize your app. Use the keyword for which search volume is higher and competition is low.

Find the shortcomings of your competitor’s app and implement those features in your app. Convert these “shortcomings” into keyword phrases and optimize your app description for these keyword phrases as well.

App description can have up to 4000 characters so it is necessary to use only necessary keywords.

Use the keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Get good ratings

One more reason you need to do app store optimization is that right audience installs your app. Then you get to know your app defects sooner. You can work on those defects and inform those who have faced issues with your app through the mail. When they are satisfied they will surely give a good review and rating and your app will rank higher.

If people like your app, your app will rank higher which will drive in more traffic to your app.(The number of downloads and good ratings from clients affects your apps ranking in-app store.)

For doing dynamic remarketing for your app and to make people know that your app content is better than your competitor’s content, app store optimization becomes necessary.

(Dynamic remarketing for your app can be done only once the app has been installed. Read Google’s guide on dynamic remarketing of apps.)

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You can also write blog posts to promote your app.Read my article avoiding plagiarism to produce original content.

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