Niche Strategy for finding blogging niche

You write out your opinions on a particular topic; do original research and analysis on that topic;then express your analysis by writing articles.It becomes necessary to find your blog niche using niche strategy.

The collection of hundreds(or thousands of such articles) is what you call a blog.As traffic to your published content increases with the passage of time,you begin to earn monetary benefits.

You not only get the opportunity to tell your opinions and present your original research backed by analysis in a particular niche to people but you are also able to earn through ad networks.Of course to beat your competitors you need to be an expert in your domain and do original research backed by analysis.

You have to invest money and buy a domain and hosting for your blog.

If you won’t have your own domain you might face the following problems:
1.You won’t get an adsense approval as google prefers those who have an independent domain.
2.It will hinder your rank in Google SERPs.

If you have a low budget I would suggest you buy domain and hosting from:
1.HostGator Hosting
2.NameCheap Domains

I would suggest you to use WordPress to develop a blog site because you can install thousands of themes and plugins. Also, a WordPress website is responsive.

You can then use Google Web stories WordPress plugin to get more traffic to your website.

I have given a list of WordPress courses in my article master WordPress development.

Because it is absolutely possible that you discover endless new ideas pertaining to your niche and you express them by writing articles.

So there is no end to blogging.You can start blogging with as little as 2000 or 3000 rupees in your pocket. It is ok even if you don’t know how to code. Even with no knowledge of coding, you can do it. There is no age limit for blogging. Young, as well as old people, can launch a blog.You can do part-time blogging or take it up as a full-time job. If you fail to contribute new articles in your blog, then your blog will soon be dead.

You need to keep yourself 100% awake and continue updating your blog. A blog that is backed by continuous research and analysis will ultimately go on to become a fully living blog. 

Suppose you write articles that benefit people in some way. They like it. Obviously they will spend more time on your website. They then go to your competitor’s website and don’t like what he has written. They come back from that website and start searching for something else.Google will consider this and this will improve your ranking in Google SERPs.

One most important things about blogging are finding your niche. Niche strategy is crucial for the success of your blog. Suppose I tell a software engineer to do surgery on a person then he won’t be able to do it; because his niche is engineering, not medicine.

Niche strategy

Finding the proper niche is the most important factor in blogging. It is as if you take your scooter in the wrong direction a lot of petrol and your energy will get wasted. But if you use a shortcut you will save petrol as well as your energy.
Normally a topic about which you have a lot of knowledge; you have done a lot of original research on the topic backed by your own analysis should be chosen as a niche for your blog.

If you have expertise in a particular skill for e.g. you are an expert in web design then you can choose the experts in that skill as your niche around which your blog will be built.

If you do not have expertise in a particular skill or you do not have knowledge about a particular topic, do some brainstorming, learn it, and acquire it. Then you may start blogging.

Remember that you don’t get results in blogging immediately. Even if you have gained expertise in a particular field and have written the perfect blog post on it; even if you have chosen the proper blogging platform and done proper SEO, social media marketing and used PPC ads to promote your perfect blog post, you will get results in around 6 months to 1 year.
Remember that a professional blogger should have a never-die attitude.
Now I am going to show you the steps to select a niche.
Type web programming languages in the google browser. You get the following results.

niche finding strategy

Next, select one of the above programming languages. To start with i shall select PHP.
This is our main niche. Under PHP, we have a lot of frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, Symphony, etc.

You can then select a framework like Codeigniter and make a tutorial on it comprising of the Codeigniter syntax, inbuilt functions of Codeigniter; you may then proceed to show your audience how to build a particular project in Codeigniter.
Here Codeigniter will be your micro-niche.
Niche strategy is particularly important for affiliate marketing that is when your purpose behind starting a blog is creating brand awareness.

You can join a reputed online blogging course which helps you to find niche strategy.

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