Passive income ideas for beginners

What is passive income?

->Passive income ideas generate income as time passes by

Before elaborating on passive income ideas let me tell you what passive income is.”Passive Income” means the income which you do not earn in an organized manner, but over a course of time.

Say you start an activity which generates passive income, then suppose you do not earn anything for the first 3 months. Then in the fourth month, you earn 80000.

In the next two months, you earn 20000, then in the seventh month, you do not earn anything.

Then the 8th month you again earn 100000.

I hope you understood what I am trying to say.

->Communication skills & marketing ability

The passive income depends on communication skills, your marketing ability, and empathetic nature.
In this article, I am going to disclose certain passive income ideas that will surely help the unemployed.

But even to implement these passive income ideas you will need the knowledge of creating good responsive websites. Yes, you heard me right. Responsive websites.

There are many training institutes in every part of India which can guide and assist you in learning website development.

Online courses on website development are available that have video tutorials that teach you how to do coding step by step.

After you learn creating responsive websites, you can implement the following passive income ideas to earn extra cash:-

Showcase your designing skills using a website

This is only for those unemployed who are good at drawing, designing, and have good creative skills.

Design logos and background images for your company/training institute website using your graphic designing skills.

You can then develop your website using your self-created logo and background images. You can create attractive sample websites to showcase your graphic designing and website designing skills.

Build your portfolio of sample websites to be displayed on your company/training institute website.

After having done this, you can do one of the following:

Pamphlet distribution

Print pamphlets telling people about your amazing graphic designing and website designing skills.

Of course, mention the website link of your training institute/company.

Tell them that you are willing to teach them graphic designing or website development at a price cheaper than the price of other training institutes

Of course, you can also mention in the pamphlet that you are willing to develop websites for other people’s businesses; at cheaper rates.

There is a website called Fiver; you can register on this website and teach designing skills to others.

Once you acquire mastery over web development, then you can:

  • Teach these skills to others
  • Become an affiliate of online web development courses and online digital marketing courses
  • Help people in starting their own blogs, and take advantage of referral programs of ad networks for earning.

Learn digital marketing

You can consider learning digital marketing as I have mentioned in the previous option.

Of course, you will have to explain to people how a blend of SEO, PPC, and social media marketing will improve your online business visibility.

Read my articles on “things to know before joining any google digital marketing course” and “how you can earn through digital marketing by sitting at home.”

Then undertake freelance digital marketing projects and earn by implementing SEO, PPC, social media marketing for these projects.

After having learned web development, you can learn digital marketing wherein you will be taught SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, referral marketing.

Then develop a blog website for a particular niche.

Sign up for affiliate programs in this niche and place affiliate links at relevant places in your blog posts.

You can then get high-quality traffic to your blog using SEO, SMM, and PPC strategies. Once you get a good amount of traffic you can monetize blog sites using ad networks.

Become a content writer

You can become a writer. For this purpose, you have to read my blog on “Avoiding plagiarism“.

a.Travel writer

->Travelling to various places

You can travel to various places in your state. Let me elaborate by giving an example: You are a Goan; so prominent places in Goa are beaches, temples, and churches. Say I decide to explore these places.

->Interviewing people and brainstorming

You will interview people and try to find out legends, myths that surround these places. You will also visit the temples and observe the architecture, the sculpted, beautifully carved paintings,and beautiful idols of Gods/Goddesses in the temples.

->Explore hotels and restaurants

Also try to find out about famous restaurants, hotels, and shops selling various items around these places. Coming back home you can write about how you traveled (your mode of transportation), describe the place you traveled to, myths & legends surrounding the place, famous hotels and restaurants in the area and so on…

->Zest for traveling

This is a good job for people who love traveling and have the curiosity to explore various myths and legends.

Since you will be traveling in your state itself, you won’t have to spend much. You can also do video shooting and photography(mostly this will be prohibited).

->Become a travel affiliate

After doing this, you can tie up with various hotels in your state and become an affiliate.

You can then earn through affiliate marketing.

But before doing this you need to do a course in affiliate marketing and learn about it. To do this you will have to join a good digital marketing training institute.

You can read my article on “things which you should know before joining any google digital marketing course“.

b. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best passive income ideas,especially for unemployed people and stay-at-home-moms.

Anyone can blog. Be it a young child of 12 years old, or it might be an old lady of 65 years; there are no age restrictions for blogging. Join a digital marketing training institute to learn to blog.

Read my article on “things which you should know before joining any google digital marketing course“.They will help you in choosing a blog niche around which you can write articles.

Blogging allows you to experiment different writing style, till you are able to find a writing style which resonates well with your target audience.

Earn by Walking

There is an app called Walkify which allows you to earn by walking.

It can make out when you are walking indoors and when you are walking outdoors.

You get points for walking indoors and outdoors; you are given bonus points for walking outdoors.

You can accumulate these points to win different prizes(like the iPhone).


These are micro-tasks websites:picoworkers and microworkers wherein you have to sign-up and do various micro tasks to earn money.

I shall stop here. I shall soon come up with some affiliate programs; you can sign up for these affiliate programs; make sales and earn a commission.

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