Customer engagement on your blog

Customer engagement on your blog will lower your bounce rate and improve your SERP rankings. If bounce rate is high,then Google will penalize your site.

(a)The key to customer engagement on your blog is writing interesting, compelling content. There are two ways to create interesting content:

1. You know a legitimate way to earn money then you can write a blog post that creates good customer engagement.

2.Raise People’s curiosity to create customer engagement

You write something which raises curiosity among the masses. For example, you provide them an in-depth case study of their horoscope at a minimal price. You write interesting astrology articles (and restrict a certain section on your blog wherein people have to pay to access this section).

(b)Once you write compelling content that will keep users engaged on your blog site, your next step is paying attention to the internal linking structure.

Say you have written one interesting horror story, in this story you give a link to another interesting story. Such kind of internal linking will increase customer engagement. This example is just one situation. You need to place internal links at relevant places in your blog post.

(c) Let me tell you one thing: it is best to have a WordPress website with an independent domain. You won’t face any monetization issues; besides there are thousands of plugins available that help in the monetization of your blog and also make your blog website more interesting.

One such plugin is the search meter. The search meter plugin helped me to know the ‘terms’ which people searched in my blog; so that I could write more blog posts related to those ‘terms’ and hence improve upon customer engagement.

(d)Leave a message facility in your blog that helps a visitor to leave his query and email. You can then write a blog post answering his query and notify him via emails.

This will ensure a gradual increase in the number of visitors visiting your blog as you answer their queries. Alternatively, enable commenting facility in your blogs. If any visitor asks a query in the comments section, you can then write about it.

(e)Perhaps you can write about your blogging journey so that others can learn about the SEO, SMM, PPC strategies, and techniques you implemented. Everything from keyword research, planning what and when to post on social media platforms, doing pay-per-click advertising effectively. Others will then be able to refer and learn from your blog.

Besides you can make your blogging journey interesting by mentioning the following things: the amount of traffic which you get(use google analytics), the mistakes which you made that have to be avoided, what you learned from your competitors plus your own enhancements competitors’ ideas to create a new idea is what shall make your blog interesting.

Maintaining a blog journey is always useful because it will tell about your current condition of your blog site, where it stands and in case it reaches the top of SERPs for a given keyword in your niche then lakhs of people will read your blogging journey.

In case it is not in the top ten there are two situations your blogging journey might be facing: mistakes which you made and are to be avoided and whether you are getting more high-quality traffic that engages with your content or not. how you worked hard to get more high-quality traffic and ultimately reached the top ten for a given keyword in your niche. Of course, the content written for your blog has to be precise and relevant, then only the SEO, SMM, PPC strategies used by you to make your blog popular will work.

(f)Proper internal linking is necessary. You can mention the links to other articles at relevant places in your blog post. Make sure that these links open in a new tab so that after reading these articles on these links the visitor can return back and continue reading the parent blog post. A proper internal linking structure will improve time on your blog site.

(g)You can start a poll to know about the difficulties faced by visitors in your blogging niche.

You can then write blog posts addressing those difficulties.

(h)Make infographics based on your blog content. Let your infographics mention the main points of your blog posts. Mention your blog link in the description while posting the infographic on image sharing websites, if people need a detailed explanation about the points mentioned in your infographic then they will click on the blog post link in the description and come to your blog.

The more compelling and interesting your infographics and blog posts are, the more engagement you shall get.

(i)Pay proper attention to navigation on your website and ensure that website is responsive. There are users using devices of different width and height, with mobile users increasing day by day. Even if you have an amazing piece of content written, all your efforts to attract a target audience shall be futile if your blog site lacks proper navigation and isn’t responsive.

(g)The number of voice search users is increasing. Optimize your amazing piece of content for voice search

(h)Remember that organic results are more preferred compared to PPC results; people trust them more, so focus on optimizing articles for SEO rather than PPC.

(i)Compare with competitors. Their traffic, backlinks everything. Follow competitors’ blogs. Subscribe to their email newsletter.

Remember one thing when reading competitors’ content:
Competitors’ idea + your own enhancements added to it=new idea for composing original content for your blog post

(j)Keep a rating system. Ask visitors to write their intent behind giving your content a particular rating as this will help you in improving the blog.

Work on improving your content as per visitors’ reviews accordingly.

(k)Ask those who have genuinely found your work useful to share your blog and if possible mention your website in one of their blog posts.

You can use WordPress to develop a blog site. Read my article WordPress Development for blogging because it contains courses that shall help you to create a beautiful responsive site at a cheaper rate.

You can also read my articles avoiding plagiarism and finding a niche for your blog. These will help you to create a blog that will create good customer engagement.

You can join a reputed digital marketing course so that you get assisted in your blogging journey.

If I find something more, then I shall surely update this post.

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